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Sunday, December 4, 2011

HO HO HO - Santa is on his way....

I can hardly believe that Xmas day is almost upon us ....  This year has just Flown by...  and even before i have had my Xmas Ham &  Pudding -  I  have started to plan out workshops for next year....

As i prepare for my final workshops for 2011 -  I reflect at  what a fantastic year  we have had ..There has been  Fun,  lots & lots of laughter,  -  nervous times ( CAE Event with 100 people)  serious times (that turn into laughter ) painfull times ( my knee)   and  Sad times.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each & everyone of you that have participated in the workshops I have held  this year  ..........and to the "Workshop Groups"  that i hold each month,  i say thank you for such enjoyable days we have had.....

Price Craft Group    -    Price ( country Sth Aut)....  
Smooch Group         -   Judy's Studio
Scrap class #1           -  Judy's Studio
Mawson Group          - Judy's Studio
Family Cards              - Judy's Studio
Scrap your Year         - Judy's Studio

Over my little break ,  I will be trialling some new workshop ideas,  adding a couple of new workshop dates -  testing some new products and re-charging my batteries for 2012.

I wish you all a Safe and Happy Xmas -  enjoy your day -  each much - drink much - laugh lots !!!
and remember - you can always diet tomorrow !!!

See you all in 2012