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Monday, November 8, 2010

changing designs !

No surprise -  i love creativity -  especially when it comes form other clever people !!   I take a lot of  my inspiration from Naomi ( of course - she is my leader )  and i also love the colours & designs from Cheryl.

Sometimes,  i like to change the colours around a bit...the basic design is still solid,  just a different outlook... why not try this at home !!


Rain on our Parade !!!!

Recently,  Our Team had decided to participate at a Community Fair to be held at a local school -  with all stall holders firmly ensconced right in the middle of the school oval -   As this was our first foray in to the world of Fetes & fairs,  we were a little excited and wanted to make sure everythig was just perfect.   We  had spent the last couple of weeks  making up cards & scrapbook layouts for display,  printing flyers & leaflets and preparing some Make &  Take  cards for the day.  We had  Gazebos, trestles, signs,  wishing trees  etc.   We had timetables,  action plans  etc....... everything was planned down to the last second.

We forgot to send our timetable to the weather man !!

The day was nearly a disaster....  If it wasnt rainng - it was blowing a gale !!....cards & displays went flying everywhere & when the wind stopped -  it proceeded to rain on the cards & displays !!  Needless to say - along with every other stall holder on the day - we had to pack up & run away by 1pm..we just couldnt hold out any longer !!   you just have to laugh dont you....

I say it was a Nearly disaster ..........because in 1 brief moment of sunshine - look at the faces of the delighted kids who managed a make & take........

Can anyone do Scrappin' ??

Are there any limits to just WHO or WHAT can do cardmaking or scrapbooking ??...  One of  the girls from my "Smooch Group"  ( Friday night group)  couldn'd make it last week......... this class has been fully booked for the last 12 months & we joked with her that if she missed a class - she would loose her spot !!........She asked if we could send in a stand in for her for 1 week.......check out her replacement !!!

......Soooooo cute ....this is Mitzi ( my baby of 10 years)