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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun way YOU and your FRIENDS can receive a FREE GIFT !!!


what a great new promotion from Kaszazz.....announced recently at conference.   For a limited time  Kaszazz are offering a  Bring a Friend Freebie promotion....... and it is so simple to receive a fee gift to the value of $ 9.95  .

All you have to do is  bring a friend (that i have never met before) with you when attending any of my workshops  -  even if they have never tried  card making or scrapbooking before -  i am sure they will enjoy some hands on creative fun !

you will receive a FREE gift for EACH new friend you bring  AND  each friend will also receive a free gift. This is a fantastic promotion - dont miss out.    This promotion ends on May 9th.......Of course - the more friends you bring along -  the more gifts you will receive

**  to receive your free gift - simply fill out the  "Bring a friend Freebie" form when attending the workshop.  your form will be sent to kaszazz and you will receive your free gift soon after my order arrives. all information on the form must be supplied to receive your free gift.

for more information - give me a call on   0409 692 764

New Products released - Conference

I was sooo excited about the up & coming Kaszazz conference -   there were hundreds of consultants from all over australia attending & i wanted to meet some new people & see all of their clever & innovative creations in the competition entries - listen to all of the guest speakers & see  the NEW PRODUCT RELEASE.....

SO - the week before conference -  there i was on crutches after an operation on my knee !!  -   that put a dampener on things -  I was struggling to say the least -  BUT i was determined to get to at least 1 day of the conference & made it to the Saturday workshops.   I had a great time while i was there - pain killers are wonderful things !!   Here i am pictured with Kerry at the conference dinner.


Get your Rock N Roll shoes on ....the new product release was retro 50s......get those butterick sewing patterns out of the cupboard for inspiration &  dust off the pointy shoes & dame edna sunnies -  spin that black vinyl disk !!   ( fot hose of us who are still able to remember these things )

Have a look at some of the great new " play things".........