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Many people have asked about the copyright policies of using Kaszazz Stamps.

Did you know that there are copyright laws when using rubber stamps to create cards (and other items) that you then sell to other people?

Most companies have an "Angel Policy"  which is a type of limited licence that outlines how a rubber stamped image can be used and any requirements of the manufacturer or artist. . Typically this outlines what circumstances, if any, a stamper can make and sell items created using a manufacturer's rubber stamps.

....Did you know that Kaszazz have an 'Angel Policy' regarding their stamps? If you sell your cards and other creations that have Kaszazz stamps on them, then you need to know this important...but very simple information...

Kaszazz has a very simple Angel Policy:

All rubber stamps supplied by Kaszazz (including the Lucy’s Stamps range) are covered under an Angel Policy.

A consultant - and Customers can make hand-made cards with  Kaszazz or Lucy Stamps and
on sell them provided you acknowledge copyright on the card somewhere by writing 
© Kaszazz”....This is usually placed on the back of the card....

Alternatively -you could use our... 4268KC Stamp - Kaszazz Copyright - Love Birds ..on the back of
your creation (The Kaszazz Copyright - Love Birds stamp is on page 118 of the current catalogue)

This policy also applies to our Quick Kits...if you want to sell your project, simply make sure that you have  © Kaszazz” written somewhere on the finished product.

If you have any questions, please let me know .......

**  details of the kaszazz Angel Policy can be found in :